I am Chris. I am a PhD candidate at the Beatson Institue for Cancer Research in Glasgow, Scotland. I have a passion for artificial intelligence, machine learning and how they can be applied to solve the most intractable problems we face today.


My training is in A.I. I received a BSc in Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence from the Heriot Watt in Edinburgh. During my time there, I completed projects in areas like recommender systems, A.I. planning, computer vision, machine learning and neural networks. In my final year, my dissertation project was on the effectiveness and optimisation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for the classification of Lymphoma biopsies. I built the networks using Tensorflow V1 and Keras and wrote a custom architecture for evolving CNNs using genetic algorithms in Python3. Full Text and code.

Afterwards, I worked for the GRID project working on the natural language A.I. called Alana to develop and integrate an intelligent agent into a smart building. Here I mainly worked with Python, RASA NLU and docker to extend the proprietary Alana software.

Since 2019, I have been researching how to automate the detection of tumour buds in colorectal cancer biopsies at the Beatson Institue for Cancer Research. I hope to use deep learning to automatically segment and score the buds present in cytokeratin stained slides to assist pathologists in better identifying which patients could benefit from further treatment.